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Better Eyesight

LASIK is a quick and healthy solution to incredible eyesight without glasses or contacts.

What is LASIK?

LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) eye surgery is an effective technique for correcting refractive errors, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. With LASIK, your ophthalmologist uses a laser to reshape the cornea in the front of the eye. This improves the way the eye focuses light rays onto the retina at the back of the eye.

During the surgical procedure, which takes about 5-10 minutes per eye, your ophthalmologist creates a thin flap in the cornea using either a blade or a laser. The surgeon then folds back the flap and removes a very specific amount of corneal tissue using the laser. The flap is then laid back into its original position where it heals in place.
Over 98% of people who have LASIK achieve 20/40 vision or better and 90% are 20/20 or better without glasses or contact lenses. LASIK eye surgery has helped millions of people see clearly again without dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

To determine whether you are a candidate for LASIK Vision correction, call for a free consultation at 801-773-0690

LASIK self-test

Please take a moment to evaluate your vision needs. After you have submitted your self-test our LASIK Coordinator will contact you to review any questions you may have. Our LASIK consultations are free.

1. Do you wear contact lenses or glasses?

a. Contact lensesb. Glassesc. Both

2. Do you have trouble seeing far away or up close?

a. Up closeb. Far away

3. What is your age?

a. Under 21b. 21-40c. 41-60d. 60+

4. How interested are you in being able to play sports without glasses and contacts?

a. I am very interested in being able to play sports without glassesb. I don't mind wearing contacts or glasses with sports

5. Are you interested in seeing well up close (reading) without glasses?

a. It is very important to me NOT to wear reading glassesb. I don't mind wearing reading glasses for up close

6. Has your prescription been stable for at least the past year?

a. Yesb. Noc. Unsure

7. Would your career or business activities improve if you were to become less dependent on glasses and contacts?

a. Yesb. Noc. Maybe

8. Over 98% of LASIK/PRK patients see 20/40 or better after surgery, if it was determined they were appropriate candidates. Would you like our LASIK Coordinator to contact you to schedule a LASIK screening to help determine if you are an appropriate candidate?

a. Yesb. No


LASIK Surgery

What to expect
  • Your surgeon will perform a preliminary eye exam and take measurements to create a unique treatment profile for each individual eye.
  • You will receive anesthetic drops to numb your eyes, making you more comfortable during the procedure.
  • Your surgeon will create a flap on your cornea, then gently lift the flap to expose the treatment area.
  • Light energy is then used to precisely reshape your cornea; you may hear the laser working.
  • Once the treatment is complete, your surgeon will reposition the flap, and the healing process begins.
  • Recovery takes very little time, and you can typically return to normal activities the following day.
All-laser LASIK

Insight Laser and Cataract Eye Specialists is pleased to offer all-laser LASIK with the use of Femtosecond laser technology. The WaveLight FS200 Femtosecond Laser delivers precise flap creation with adjustable settings resulting in an accurate and individualized treatment.


Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) or advanced surface ablation uses the excimer laser in the same way as LASIK, and patients’ vision correction results are similar. The main difference between PRK and LASIK is that in PRK there is no flap — only the very top layer of the cornea is removed before the excimer laser sculpts the cornea. While LASIK patients often report clear, improved vision by the day after surgery, it may be a few days before vision stabilizes for PRK patients. The cornea’s epithelial layer re-grows during this time.

LASIK Financing

CareCredit gives you the freedom to get your procedure whenever you’re ready. It is an easy way to pay for your LASIK procedure without waiting.  CareCredit gives you the flexibility to pay over time by making monthly payments with one year interest free financing available.

Applying for CareCredit is fast and easy and you’ll get a credit decision immediately. You can apply online by visiting or call 1-800-365-8295.

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